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A Swimming Club staged its first carnival in Barcaldine in November 1908 in the first swimming pool, built in 1907.

The carnival was for male swimmers only. Ladies, after initial shyness about entering, were enthusiastic spectators. In time, swimming carnivals became regular events and the rigid prudery of early rules was relaxed.

In 1920, the Capricornian newspaper reported on the Barcaldine club:

The recently-formed Swimming Club is booming and the weekly swims are well attended. As there are several medals being competed for, and the respective events are all keenly contested, this time the club appears to be formed on a solid and proper basis, business officials have been appointed and everything is conducted as it should be hence the club should prosper. Many of our young ladies too are taking some interest in swimming, and it only needs someone to start the ball rolling and a ladies’ club will also be a sure thing here.


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