Bank of New South Wales

Text Source: Hoch, Isabel. 2008. Pages 43, 53, 124
Between the Bougainvilleas. 2004. Page 16

A branch of the Bank of New South Wales opened in Barcaldine in 1889, a simple iron structure in Beech Street, on the eventual site of the Radio Theatre.

Western Champion 10 August 1897

A temporary Bank of New South Wales building opened in April 1897 when the bank moved to the corner of Ash and Beech Streets in what had been the office of Cobb and Co. It replaced the simple iron structure on the other side of Beech Street. The second bank building was sold to James Stewart of Rockhampton when the third bank was built in 1905. 

Dubbo Liberal and Macquarie Advocate 23 May 1903



The new bank premises and manager’s residence opened on the corner of  Oak/Maple streets in June 1905. Built by a contractor named Bremmer for £2,000, it was a low set multi-gabled style wooden building, and a paling fence and lattice-enclosed verandahs surrounded the bank section. It was painted chocolate, white and grey, had a massive iron-sheathed door, a brass and cedar banking room, and private apartments behind according to the Champion. It was an office and residence combined, of varnished pine, white ceilings and cedar fittings.                                  SLQ images.







It was in use until 1966 when bricks from Garden City Enterprises were used to build the last Bank of New South Wales building in Barcaldine. The new bank building opened on the corner of Beech/Ash streets, on the site it had occupied prior to moving to Oak Street in 1905. The Bank brought the premises from E & J Bennett in 1965 – it had been a shoe store. A new residence was constructed on the corner of Oak and Maple Streets. The site and building are now privately owned.

In October 1982 the Bank of New South Wales changed its name to Westpac Banking Corporation following its acquisition of the Commercial Bank of Australia. Westpac continued trading until it closed in January 2000. Electronic banking made big buildings with the need to store money unnecessary in small towns. It was announced that Westpac would remain in Barcaldine only as an in-store office, situated in a room on the southern side of Barcaldine News & Travel.



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